On La Dolce Vita cooking book we have a simple and straightforward objective: to share with the world the positive aspects of the Italian way of living. And we do that through recipes, tutorials, history and culture selected from the limitless knowledge of our sweet country.

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How to make candied orange peels

Not good at baking cakes? Candied orange peels are the solution. Stop buying them, make your own!

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Azaleas, fern, cactus, geranium, roses carnations & co.

In your house or in your garden, bouquets and flower gardens make life sweeter.

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The world is a dance of colors

This is a genuine collective work done at school by Italian kids 11 years old.


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The history of babà and its delicious recipe

A delicious pastry product Neapolitans are famous for.

Bonet - a delicious dessert from Piedmont

If you love chocolate, you have to try it!

sweet recipes

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Father's Day traditions from a small old Sicilian village

A very peculiar recipe from Sicily, made especially on Saint Joseph’s day.

Squid soup recipe from Agrigento

Wandering around Sicily: a trip to Agrigento.


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Give a look at a nice alternative map of Rome!

Soon in Rome we will have a complete and nice map of local fruit trees!

The best street foods of Florence (Italy)

You don't always need to get fancy!


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Rediscovered food: lupini beans

Hunting forgotten food…

Bruschetta: our ace in the hole

All the good coming from Sicily.


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Strascinate with anchovies and fried bread crumbs recipe

Stale bread, anchovies and Strascinate, straight from Puglia Region.

Paccheri with shellfish sauce recipe

A simple, yet remarkable recipe by a famous restaurant in Rome.