7 useful apps to avoid food waste

Food is such a valuable resource. Stop throwing leftovers into rubbish!

In nowadays’ world, where the number of people has risen and there’s a lot more need for food, food gets more and more important for everyone. As a valuable resource, food should be cared about a lot more than we actually do now. Too much food is still wasted and thrown into the rubbish.

Did you have a huge Christmas dinner and lunch and there are many leftovers? Did you go to food shopping when you were hungry like a wolf and bought a lot of stuff still there in your fridge/sideboard? No problem! Besides tons of leftovers recipes that you can find on the net (that are very useful, by the way), technology comes into our help to give us some solutions to this problem of food waste. 

Since almost everyone got a smartphone, many apps and web platforms have been created to help us recycle and distribute the extra food we have.

App #1: Ricette al Contrario

So, there is Ricette al contrario, an Italian app giving some ideas for leftovers recipes. Indeed, its name gives this idea of starting from the ingredients we have, instead of starting from the recipe we want to make, and consequently buying the necessary ingredients for that.

Ricette al Contrario app

App #2: Ratatouille

Another kind of app, which has nothing to do with recipes, is Ratatouille. Addressed to small communities of people, like a university campus or a small condo, it aims at leading them to exchange food or giving extra food. It is also a nice way to meet new friends!

Ratatouille app screenshot

Apps #3 and #4: Bring the Food, Breading

There are another 2 apps whose purpose has been that of linking two of more parties to create a network. They are Bring the food and Breading. Dealing with food in general the former and with bread only the latter, they allow those restaurants/bakeries, distributors or producers which have extra food/bread to exchange or just give it to charities, so that no food/bread is wasted.

Bring the Food app screenshot

App #5: Pareup

Same thing for Pareup, an app now working in NYC. It aims at letting disadvantaged people and restaurants get in touch so that extra food can be sold at reduced price.

Pareup app screenshot

Apps #6 and #7: Senza Spreco, Zero Relativo

Finally, Senza spreco and Zero relativo are not apps actually, but web platforms. The former allows all the people working in the food production chain to sell at a lower price or give charities the food that is usually cast aside. The latter is actually a barter platform, where users can exchange not only food, but any kind of things they need no more.

Senza Spreco screenshot

Zero Relativo screenshot

So, now that you have learnt all these wonderful apps and platforms, you have no more excuses to throw food again!


lifegate.it - 7 app che ci aiutano a non sprecare il cibo

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