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Saltimbocca alla Romana recipe

Carlo's recipes always have a great success in his family: check out this one for saltimbocca alla Romana and then you'll understand why!

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Today I want to tell you about my version of a very popular Italian meat dish: Saltimbocca alla Romana. The literal translation in English is something like Jumping in the mouth Roman style which I presume is a way to emphasize how appetizing this dish is.

Anyway, I personally find this dish tasty, light and elegant, appreciated also from those that are not really passionate about meat like myself. Coupled with Potato Purèe, is one of my classics for Sunday meals with family.

Let's start with the meat. I use only top round of veal, cut in thin and perfectly lean escalopes. Thickness is important; my ideal figure is 5 millimeters or 0.2 inches; more than a carpaccio and definitively less than a steak.

Ingredients for 1 person

  • 2 escalopes;
  • 1 slice of Prosciutto di Parma;
  • 1 leaf of sage;
  • flour;
  • butter;
  • extra virgin olive oil;
  • salt;
  • white pepper;
  • white wine;
  • lemon.


Lay your escalopes on a chopping board and put a slice of Prosciutto di Parma, raw Parma ham, on each escalope. Add a nice leaf of sage and firm up with a little wooden stick as in the picture (I use toothpicks).

Two other important steps before cooking your escalopes. First, with the tip of a knife, make little cuts on each edge; this little trick will prevent your escalopes from folding with heat, ensuring a perfect cooking and an elegant shape. The second, pass lightly you escalope on white flour or simply spread some flour on them. This will make your sauce creamy as described further below.

It is now time to cook our escalopes. Put a pan on the stove with fresh butter and a just a few drops of oil (this will extend the resistance of the butter to high temperatures). When the butter sizzles, move the escalopes in the pan and cook them a few minutes on each side until they start browning.

Add a pinch of salt and one of white pepper and put the escalopes in a warm service dish. At this point you may want to remove the toothpicks.

If cooking was correct, you will have now your empty pan with some little delicious brown crusts. They are produced by the caramel juices of the meat combined with the flour and the butter. These substances will give real flavor to the sauce.

Keeping the pan on the stove at low heat, splash some dry white wine in the pan with a few drops of lemon and literally use the liquid to clean the inside surface.

You will get an extremely tasty brown sauce. As the final touch , add a little fresh butter and whisk with a fork to make it shiny and creamy. Pour immediately on the escalopes and your Saltimbocca alla Romana are ready to be served. Enjoy!


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